Design & Construction Quality Control

DI specializes in design and construction quality control services and provides certified quality managers for both public and private-sector clients.  We emphasize and maintain the highest standards of quality and integrity during all aspects of the design and construction process, toward the objective of achieving the best possible facilities for our clients. 


During design, our certified quality managers take an active role in the review and coordination of the design, including but not limited to; constructability, operability, environmental issues, review of all drawings and specifications, coordination between the different design disciplines and trades to prevent any interferences between different components, coordination with suppliers, selection of materials and equipment, with the goal to assure a successful project completion.


During construction, we continue our emphasis on quality and work closely with our clients to define a Project Quality Management Program, best suited to each project. This plan establishes the responsibilities and documentation requirements for Quality Control (QC), documentation, interface with inspections & testing, performance mockups, Quality Assurance (QA), commissioning, and project closeout.